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Welcome to M-Antz Solutions

In the global information technology arena, companies are constantly looking for dependable technology partners or service providers. M-antz is a complete IT services consultancy that provides the confidence of high-end and productive solutions to such technology requirements.

Our goal is to understand your needs and work with you to find the best solutions for increased productivity. We help your business work better, and more efficiently by providing creative and productive solutions for your requirements.

In this rapidly growing technology market, we are proud to stand out as an innovative and dedicated consulting group by providing only the highest quality and standing by our products. We have stepped in this arena with the goal to work in unison, carve a niche of our own, create better opportunities and develop continuously evolving solutions. M-Antz Solutions assists you in transforming your virtual perceptions to an actuality with a creative touch.

10 Reasons to work with Us.....

So what makes us different? Well, we take great pride in our ability to be Dynamic! Whether it is consulting, custom web applications developments or helping you become Agile, We get the job done. How? We employ smart people who are the world's leading technology experts. We drive innovation, use AGILE best practice and focus on delivering the best solution for your business!

Complete Project Management
We have Project Managers, Technical Architects, and Management. This results in face-to-face communication with the Client, and complete control at all times.
Quality & Attention to Detail
Quality and attention to detail is paramount to us. The quality of the code, the user-interface, the usability, the customer care, and the project process is what makes us leaders in web application development.
Multi-sector experience
We have professionals from multiple sectors, including Financial, Media Printing and Publishing, Public Sector, and Healthcare. We ensure we have a deep understanding of their business.
World Class Team
Our staff is selected for reasons besides technical excellence & prowess. Upon joining us they spend up to 3 months in training, boot camps and knowledge mining.
100% Client Retention
All of our clients are positive references. With every client we produce Web based applications that address their requirements better, faster and cheaper than other suppliers.
In-depth understanding of Agile methods and leading technologies
Established institutions as well as new start ups come to us for solutions, speed to market is the new buzz word in today’s marketplace.
Software, Web development & Embedded System Design experts
Whilst we are not elusively developers most of our developers are also qualified we can safely class ourselves as experts.
We understand Business
We build applications. We know business. We will spend time understanding the needs and build around this business rather than building around a piece of software.
Accurate Specification
We spend an enormous amount of effort understanding your business and developing an in-depth specification to ensure the final system is 100% right for your business…
We Help Save Money
Put simply, we will save your business money without compromising on quality and provide quality programming exceptionally higher than in-house standards.

Work With Us.....

  • Complete project management.
  • Quality & attention to detail.
  • Multi-sector experience.
  • World class team.
  • 100% client retention.
  • In-depth understanding of Agile methods and leading technologies.
  • Software, web development & embedded system design experts.
  • We understand business.
  • Accurate specification.
  • We help save money.